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oo3. Framed and Muse

The photoshoots for Framed  went great this weekend. I have selected a few of my favorites. Check them out! Let me know what you think. Thanks again to the models and photographers that helped out with all of this.
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oo2. Weekly Projects, Music, and Movies. Oh my.


I am working on many projects at the university, not much is really standing out as a portfolio project except for Azahares 2013. Azahares is the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith’s premier Spanish-language creative literary magazine. I have only included the cover for this magazine in the post, but I will post the entire project when printing is completed, which should be in a month or so. I see this project as being a potential contender in the update of my portfolio. So if you’ve got a second, let me here your thoughts on the cover. Thanks.

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oo1. About Me

Hello all! My name is Saxon Campbell. I am a graphic designer, photographer, and an all around creative for any cause. I have started this blog to share, archive, and keep track of all the things going on in my head. Sometimes I have so much on my mind, it’s great to get it out to someone else. You may want to follow this blog if you like design, photography, fashion, movie, TV, and music reviews. I will be updating every week with current professional and personal design projects I am working on, photos I take, fashion I’m into, and other things I just like about the current week.

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